Mike Henderson

Data-Driven Digital Marketer

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Search Specialist // Copy Writer // Web Analyst // Strategist // Lead-Generator

A little bit about me...


Hi, my name is Michael Henderson (most people call me Mike though, so we'll stick with that to keep things informal). I am a proud University of Missouri School or Journalism graduate with an intense interest in all things digital marketing. My hobbies include playing golf, basketball and football, listening to any genre of music, and enjoying the nightlife with my friends.

My experience thus far...

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After a shaky graphic design internship, I went into my junior year of college unsure what I was going to do with my life. Everything changed when I heard one of my professors say "Learning digital marketing will have you working from a beach one day." From there, I was hooked.

What I bring to the table...

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In my pursuit of becoming a full-stack marketer, I’m continuously learning new skills. My main emphasis is in paid media including paid search, display, and social media advertising. Recently, I’ve dedicated quite a bit of time learning to code. In fact, I coded this site!